Why Poland?

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Poland is an excellent place to invest and develop business. International reports highlight the economic and political stability of Poland, educated and competent staff and a large internal market. During global economic crisis Poland has strengthened its position not only in the region of Central - Eastern Europe, but the entire continent. Foreign investors willing to invest their capital on the Vistula treating Poland as a safe place in times of economic turmoil. Tourists delights while the hospitality and kindness of Poles, polish cultural monuments and natural wealth.

Polish 38-million market is one of the largest in the European Union. Convenient location in the center of Europe and at the crossroads of the main communication routes makes polish goods can be exported to all European countries and thus reach more than half a billion consumers. Among the main trading partners are: Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine and Spain, and also in spite of the embargo Russia.

Well-educated polish economists, engineers, and scientists are respected and valued employees of IT companies, research and development centers and research institutes around the world. Every year, the number of graduates from polish universities, including - directions of the most sought after by companies investing in high-tech industries. In the academic year 2014/2015 in 434 polish universities studied 1.47 million students; each year, the labor market supplies approx. 400 thousand. university graduates.

According to the study "The Polish people speak foreign language?" (Randstad, 2015) half of Poles declare knowledge of foreign languages, preferably in English talk the residents of Warsaw and Krakow, almost 40% of Poles declare good and very good knowledge of English (6th in Europe) and approx. 18% of knowledge of Russian.

Polish economy has a solid base of stable development. The global economic crisis has not hurt Poland, which is the only country in Europe has not experienced a recession, and further developed at the fastest pace on the continent. Assessment of the investment climate for foreign entrepreneurs is getting better every year. Stability and security guaranteed by NATO and the EU make Poland is a reliable, an important business partner for foreign investors. In the near future the biggest challenge for the Polish economy will meet the criteria for adoption of the single European currency (euro).

Global companies often choose Poland as the location of their new investments in Europe. According to Bloomberg ranking of 2013 Poland is the best country for business in the region of Central - Eastern Europe. On the other hand, the report FDI Intelligence Poland ranked third, after China and the US as the best place for productive investment in the world. The authors of the analytical studies of economic stress the stable macroeconomic situation Polish, noting that the only country in the EU to avoid recession in 2009., And from the beginning of the crisis has reached far the highest growth not only in the region but throughout the European Union.

Foreign investors still see Poland as the most attractive location for new projects in Central and Eastern Europe. A larger number of foreign investments and jobs, and the fifth position among the best locations in Europe. That's conclusions for Polish report "Investment Attractiveness of Europe" for 2016 prepared by E & Y. Poland jumped one position up in terms of the number of FDI projects. In 2014, she was seventh, now with Belgium takes 6th place. What's more especially amazing 60-percent increase in the number of projects. From 132 to 211 in the last 12 months. "All countries in the region were much more affected by the global crisis than Poland, which meant that changes the perception of the country and the region in the eyes of investors," - the report says. According to the report E & Y, Poland moved one place up in the number of jobs created in 2015 thanks to foreign direct investment. There were more than 19 651 compared to less than 15 485 years earlier, an increase of 27 percent. The increase is mainly driven by the automotive sector investments.

Only the United Kingdom overtake Poland with more than 42 336 eployees. On third place of podium were classified Germany with 17 126 jobs and an increase of 44.

As a Polish assets, outside of the stable macroeconomic situation, experts Ernst & Young, among others, presents:

  • the availability of well qualified and productive employees.
  • friendly business climate and transparent legal and tax systems,
  • more dynamic economy thanks to investments co-financed by the European Union (82.5 billion in 2014-2020).
  • Infrastructure development of communication and transport,
  • strategic position in Europe,
  • large and absorptive internal market
  • According to the report Doing Business in 2016 developed by the World Bank, Poland moved up to 25th place ahead of countries such as Switzerland, France, and Spain. Another confirmation of the Polish position is global ranking of the most socially developed countries in 2016. (Social Progress Index), which received 30 position.

The latest OECD report "Review of the Polish Economy 2016" shows that Poland has a robust economic growth, unemployment is falling, but the need for further investment in infrastructure and skills in order to maintain the continuous improvement of living standards, quality of the environment and well-being, says OECD in its latest Review of Economic of Poland. Overview presented in Warsaw by the main OECD economist Catherine L. Mann and Deputy Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The review highlighted the tremendous progress achieved in the last two decades on the road to convergence with countries with higher levels of income, but also pointed out the obstacles that need to be ironed out, such as the strengthening of employment and quality jobs, improving the business environment and infrastructure, as well as providing healthy public finance.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Poland at the end of 2014. amounted to 171.7 billion euros (NBP). Also increases the number of new investment projects, especially in the sectors of automotive research and development centers, modern business services, electronics and chemical industries. Investments in Poland are becoming more oriented intellectual potential employees. This is confirmed by, among others, second place in the ranking of Krakow UNCTAD of the most attractive emerging market trends investments BPO.

Poland offers foreign companies a number of investment incentives. One of the many possibilities is to locate investment in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) (read more on CeBiM pages and on the Krakow Technology Park website). In Poland there are 14 such zones. There are separate areas for business on special, preferential terms. SEZs offer new investors attractive tax incentives, to facilitate the employment and well-prepared investment sites.

Poland is also attractive for tourists and lovers of active holidays. The diverse landscape of different regions of our country and the ability to choose different forms of recreation sea bathing by sailing on the lakes, skiing and mountain climbing, attract Polish tourists from distant countries. The offer is completed by the possibility of visiting monuments testifying to the rich Polish history and culture, and of resting in the conditions of unspoilt nature, in small towns located in Mazury and Podkarpacie.

It should also be noted that Poland is increasingly being perceived as a place of cultural and sporting events. Success were the organization of the UEFA European Football Championships (together with Ukraine), World Championship in Volleyball, World Youth Days or concerts attracting fans from all over Europe, and often the world.

Update: 8|09|2016