Special economic zone

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Special Economic Zone - Krakowski Park Technologiczny

Today, Kraków Special Economic Zone covers an area of over 700 hectares. It is situated in Małopolska and Podkarpacie Regions, where the level of public aid is the highest in Poland. The Zone consists of 27 subzones located in 25 municipalities. Most of land the KTP offers investors is greenfield. There is also business spaces situated in highly attractive locations: Czyżyny Business Centre and Kraków Business Park in Zabierzów.

The Zone operates on the power of the Act on special economic zones, and the Regulation of the Council of Ministers, and will carry on in this form until the end of 2026.


Undertaking business activity within the area covered by the special economic zone offers a number of benefits to enterprises:

  • availability of a state aid package - exemption from CIT
  • assistance during the investment process
  • easier contacts with the local authorities and administration
  • possibility of starting business on specially prepared, developed land,

The establishment of a special economic zone within the Cracow Technology Park has created very favourable economic and infrastructure conditions for undertaking business activity, based on close cooperation between representatives of the science and business sectors. Investments within the Cracow Technology Park are encouraged - apart from the tax exemptions - by the opportunities of exploiting the scientific achievements and the rich resources of highly qualified specialists in the region.



At present, the special economic zone consists of the following subzones:

  • Kraków Śródmieście (Kraków city centre)
  • Tarnów
  • Kraków Nowa Huta
  • Kraków Podgórze
  • Zabierzów
  • Krosno
  • Niepołomice
  • Nowy Sącz
  • Dobczyce
  • Andrychów
  • Gdów
  • Oświęcim
  • Słomniki
  • Wolbrom

Land for investment covered by the special economic zone is available in the following subzones: Tarnów, Nowy Sącz and Dobczyce, Gdów, Oświęcim, Słomniki and Wolbrom. The planned extension of the zone is to cover land in the towns of Bochnia, Gorlice, Książ Wielki, Trzebinia, Niepołomice and Zatorze.

For who?

Permits to operate within the SEZ are available both to large and small and medium-sized enterprises. A CIT relief may be obtained by companies implementing new investment projects:

Small enterprises             55%
Medium-sized enterprises         45 %
Large enterprises             35 %

Planned business undertakings to be implemented within the zone are evaluated by the Tender Committee. The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • level of technology innovation of the planned investments
  • subject and scope of the business activities pursued by the bidder so far and of the activities to be undertaken in the zone
  • value of the planned investments and conditions for their delivery (permits to operate within the zone may be granted for investments worth at least EUR 100,000)
  • declared participation in the creation and modernisation of the infrastructure within the zone
  • declared/possible cooperation with enterprises operating within the zone and its environment
  • consistency of planned operations with the development objectives set for the zone
  • degree of environmental risks and environmental measures planned
  • potential for cooperation with universities in research and educational projects


Permits for running business activity within the zone are issued by the zone management - Krakowski Park Technologiczny Sp. z o.o. Permits are granted by tender or through negotiations announced in the national press in the form of a call for tender.

Procedures linked to investing within the Zone

Investing in the Cracow Special Economic Zone requires the following conditions to be met:

  • submission of a Letter of Intent outlining the investment project
  • undertaking negotiations concerning the purchase/ lease of a plot of land for the planned investment (preliminary contract)
  • preparation of the investment offer in the form of a business plan
  • undertaking negotiations (or entering the tender procedure) announced by Krakowski Park Technologiczny Sp. z o.o. (with the aim of obtaining a permit for carrying business activity)
  • obtaining the permit for carrying out business activity
  • purchase/ lease of the plot of land
  • obtaining the building permit and the investment project implementation permit.

All relevant documents and additional information are available at www.sse.krakow.pl

Any information can also be obtained from the staff of Krakowski Park Technologiczny, tel. , biuro@sse.krakow.pl

The following SEZs have their subzones within the Małopolska Region:

Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna EURO-PARK MIELEC – subzone located in the town of Gorlice
Tarnobrzeska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna - subzone located in the town of Wojnicz within the Green Industry Park (Zielony Park Przemysłowy)
Katowicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna - with its subzone in Myślenice