Special economic zone

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Special Economic Zone - Krakowski Park Technologiczny




Today, Kraków Special Economic Zone covers an area of over 949 hectares. It is situated in Małopolska, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpacie Regions, where the level of public aid is the highest in Poland. In Podkarpackie Region, public aid (exemptions from income tax, CIT or PIT) amounts to 50% for large companies, 60% for medium-sized companies, and 70% for small enterprises. In Małopolska, and Świętokrzyskie regions, the level of aid is 35%, 45%, and 55%, respectively.

The Zone consists of 36 subzones located in 35 municipalities. Most of land the KTP offers investors is greenfield. There is also business spaces situated in highly attractive locations: Czyżyny Business Centre and Kraków Business Park in Zabierzów.

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