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We organise inbound and outbound missions and facilitate access to major fairs and expos in Europe as part of the project "Power up your Business in Małopolska". Feel free to contact us if you are an entrepreneur or run a company and are interested in the agenda. The information on the dates, unless exact dates were provided, should be considered indicative only.

We are going to be there at each and every fair presented below. Feel free to send us your materials, also in digital form. We are here to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Małopolska. Do not hesitate to contact us and join CeBiM at fairs and expos throughout Europe and elsewhere. Contact person:

Fairs and Expos

Astana EXPO, Kazakhstan; 10.06–10.09.2017

Astana's proposal for EXPO 2017 was officially presented at the 151st General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau in Paris, France. The estimated number of the countries participating in the event is 100 (by October 2015, 49 countries and 11 organisations had formally confirmed their participation). Additionally, ca. 5 million people are expected to visit the event.  The expo's theme is “Future Energy,” and the event is going to showcase green solutions and alternative sources of energy. 25 hectares (62 acres) of land have been provided for the pavilions of Expo 2017. The construction process began in April 2014. The Government of the Republic of Poland has confirmed the participation. Websites: https://expo.gov.plhttps://expo2017astana.com

iFood, Mashhad, Iran; 24-27 August 2017

With international sanctions lifted on 1st January 2016, Iran's market is now open to importers. Polish exporters are now facing a massive but daunting opportunity, considering the sheer size of Iran (over 77 million inhabitants) and the fact that 85% of food in the country comes from imports. Mashdad is the second largest city in Iran (2.8 million people). The Government of the Republic of Poland announced its plans to launch a new support programme called Go Iran.  The 65-thousand-sqm expo area is going to attract an estimated number of 200 exhibitors and 20 thousand visitors, including countries such as Afghanistan, Turkmenistan or Tajikistan. I Food in Mashdad, Iran, is a great opportunity to showcase the produce of the Małopolska region. Website: www.ifoodexpo.com

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain; February/March 2018

Mobile World Congress is the largest fair of mobile technologies globally. In 2016, the congress attracted the largest number of visitors in its 11 years of history. 101 thousand visitors from 204 different countries attended the congress at the beginning of last March. Nine massive pavilions and their vicinity served as an exhibition space for over 2,200 companies. The congress attracted a lot of interest from businesses in Małopolska, mainly SMEs but also micro and start-up companies that seek investment from major global IT companies. Website:  www.mobileworldcongress.com

Beautyworld Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; May 2018 

Beautyworld is the largest expo in the Middle East showcasing beat products for body, hair and nail care. The fair brings the latest trends in beauty, wellness, and spa and perfume industries. The 2016 edition attracted 1,500 exhibitors from 59 countries, including Poland, and 37 thousand visitors from 130 countries.  Beautyworld has been organised for 21 years now. The expo brings a massive opportunity to showcase spas in Małopolska as a future destination for the investors from the Gulf. Website: http://beautyworldme.com

Gitex, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; October 2018

Gitex brings an international expo for IT and ICT technology, consumer electronics, iHealth, software for smart homes and cities as well as software for banking and the media. Gitex has been organised annually since 1981. The associated events include: infoComm Middle East &Africa and GSMA Mobile 360 Series. The 2015 figures: 4 thousand exhibitors, 146 thousand ICT specialists from 144 countries, over 84 thousand sqm of exhibition space. Gitex brings a great opportunity to showcase the potential of the ICT industry in Małopolska. Website:www.gitex.com

Business missions:

Mission Azerbaijan 2017

Azerbaijan has an estimated population of 9.5 million inhabitants. The oil sector accounts for 40% of the country's GDP and 70% of its budgetary resources. Only recently, Azerbaijan has been dubbed a “second Kuwait”. The primary goal of the government is to maintain a stable exchange rate of Azerbaijani manat. In 2014, Polish exports to and imports from Azerbaijan generated 105 million EUR and 23 million EUR, respectively.  The largest share in Polish exports to Azerbaijan is accounted for electromechanical industry products (26%) and chemical products (20%, beauty products), metallurgy (15%), foodstuffs (14.8%), paper products (7.6%) and ceramics (6.4 %). Room for improvement: agricultural machinery, foodstuffs, furniture, footwear, medical sector, industrial and residential construction, light industry, textiles. Azerbaijanis consider Polish companies to be on a par with their German competitors. The share of Małopolska in exports to Azerbaijan is merely 4%!

Mission Vietnam 2018

Vietnam has an estimated population of 90 million inhabitants. In 2014, Polish exports to Vietnam were dominated by foodstuffs, especially animal products, metallurgy and electromechanical industry products. Polish companies are traditionally active in heavy and mining industries in Vietnam. However, regulatory and administrative challenges and budgetary difficulties in Vietnam facilitate access for Polish SMEs to the local consumer market. Rapid economic and demographic growth, migration to the cities and the dynamic rise of the middle class add to the potential of the Vietnamese market for fast-moving consumer goods. Thousands of Vietnamese citizens are Polish university graduates; some of them are now active in trade and business. In 2014, Polish exports to and imports from Vietnam generated 173 million USD and 1,297 million USD, respectively. With the massive deficit (1,124 million USD), Polish exporters have a lot of room for improvement. The Polish Ministry of Development started a process to open a trade office in Vietnam. No direct, institutional and actual forms of cooperation between Polish provinces, municipalities and cities and their Vietnamese counterparts has been observed (despite the recent Polish-Vietnamese cooperation agreement). There is a lot of room for improvement in this respect.

Two inbound business missions to Vietnam have been scheduled: from Russia (September 2017) and Ukraine (August 2018).