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Program for the support of investments of considerable importance for Polish economy for years 2011-2020

Form of support

Support is provided in the form of a grant on the basis of a agreement concluded between the Minister of Economy and the investor. The agreement lays down conditions for the payment of the grant, which is paid proportionately to the degree of fulfilling investor’s commitments.
Support can be applied for by companies planning investments in the following priority sectors:
1.    automotive sector,
2.    electronic sector,
3.    aviation sector,
4.    biotechnology sector,
5.    modern services sector,
6.    research and development (R&D).

Support can also be applied for by companies planning manufacturing investments in other sectors if a project’s minimum eligible costs are 750 m PLN and minimum 200 new jobs or 500 m PLN and 500 new jobs (significant investments).

The Programme provides support for investments under the two following categories:
1. Support for creation of new job places (employment grant)
The amount of employment grant depends, among others, on:
1) in case of manufacturing projects:
•    the number of new jobs created,
•    the percentage of employees with higher education,
•    location,
•    investment expenditures,
•    sector,
•    attractiveness of the products on the international markets;
2) in case of services projects:
•    the number of new jobs created,
•    the percentage of employees with higher education,
•    location,
•    complexity of processes provided by the company.

2. Support for new investment (investment grant)
The amount of investment grant depends, among others, on:
•    the number of new jobs created,
•    investment outlays per employee,
•    location.

Under the Programme, aid is provided exclusively for investment projects whose completion in Poland is conditional on receiving a financial grant from the State budget.

The operator of the Programme and the authority granting state aid is the Minister of Economy. The Polish Information & Foreign Investment Agency (Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych S.A. - PAIiIZ) is responsible for preparing and providing the Interministerial Committee for Foreign Investment (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) with the dossier of investment projects and for preparing all documents required to carry out the entire procedure of providing financial support.
Each project is subject to an individual assessment by the Committee on the basis of detailed criteria laid down in the Programme.

Procedure for the award of support:
1.    The investor submits to PAIiIZ information on the planned project, using a standard form signed by persons authorized to represent the investor.
2.    Information is evaluated by PAIiIZ. PAIiIZ provides the Chairman of the Committee with information about the project and a draft offer of financial support, with a justification.
3.    The Committee takes up decision on recommended support for the project and submits recommendation to the Minister of Economy for the final decision on granting the support.
4.    PAIiIZ informs the investor of the Committee’s recommendation. The Investor takes a decision on accepting or rejecting the offer.
5.    After accepting the offer, the investor applies to the Minister of Economy for a letter of intent confirming that the investment may commence.
6.    The Minister of Economy sends to the investor a letter of intent confirming that the investment may commence
7.    Minister of Economy concludes with the investor an agreement on the award of a support.
The support granting procedure can be extended in case of companies applying for two or more instruments of regional aid (government grants and CIT exemption and / or grants co-financed from EU funds).

State aid

The state aid awarded under the Programme falls under the category of regional ad hoc aid and therefore it has to be notified to the European Commission before it is granted. In the case when ad hoc aid only supplements the aid granted under regional investment and employment aid schemes (e.g. income tax exemptions in special economic zone) and does not exceed 50 % of the total amount of aid granted for a given investment, it is not subject to the mandatory notification.

Source: PAIZ (more informations)