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  • An integrated system of investor services (one-stop shop)
  • A system of public support for investments
  • Co-ordination of promotional economic activities
  • Reinforcement of the economic image of Małopolska
  • Common participation in projects financed from EU funds


We present a business guide for Małopolska, prepared in a condensed and accessible way, presenting the aspects of starting and running a business in our region, as well as the latest raports on the real estate market in Małopolska and the ITC industry.





archival publications:

As part of the "Business in Małopolska – Grow with us" project CeBiM team (MARR SA, KPT sp. z o.o., Małopolska Region) have prepared new reports and studies on the most important economic and social issues relating to the region.

How to do business in Małopolska? Now it's easy with our publications:

The english version 2014 of the reports are below:

Business Services and
IT Sector in Małopolska
Labour Market and Human Resources in Kraków and Małopolska

 The English version 2013 of the reports is ready for distribution among foreign media, economic communities and investors.

Business Services and IT Sector in Masłopolska How to do business in Małopolska Labour Market and Human Resources in Kraków and Małopolska The real estate market in Kraków and Małopolska


We present you with four new publications (2012) Shared Services, Technology and Outsourcing in Małopolska by ASPIRE, Labour market and human resources in Kraków and Małopolska by HAYS, How to do business in Małopolska by KPMG in Poland and The real estate market in Kraków and Małopolska by Cracow University of Economics

 Shared Services, Technology and Outsourcing in Małopolska  Labour market and human resources in Kraków and Małopolska  How to do business in Małopolska  The real estate market in Kraków and Małopolska

 see raports 2011

We present you with four publications: the Modern Business Service Sector in Małopolska, Human Resources in Kraków and the Małopolska Region, Real Estate in Małopolska and general material on How to Do Business in Małopolska. The reports were created in collaboration with distinguished specialists from the Cracow University of Economics, the Association of Business Service Leaders, Jones Lang Lasalle, Knight Frank, and Deloitte and Hays.

Real Estate in Małopolska Modern business service
sector in Małopolska
How to do business
in Małopolska
Human resources in Kraków
and Małopolska Region


 See our reports

Doing Business in Małopolska

Labour Market and Human Resources in Małopolska

Real Estate Market in Małopolska


Małopolska for investors

This naturally attractive region of Poland, bordered on its west by the country’s most densely populated and industrialized region of Silesia, is an exceptional area for conducting commercial activity. A dynamically growing economy combined with large, steadily-increasing foreign capital inflows form the foundation of the Business in Małopolska Centre – an initiative unique on a nationwide scale, formed with the purpose of easing and coordinating investor and exporter service, as well as promoting the regional economy.

The Business in Małopolska Centre is creating a modern image for the region. Traditional symbols like Tatra mountain goat’s milk cheese, Tartars and the Wawel dragon have always been linked to Małopolska and Kraków, but they should now be associated with regional  tourism, and the economy with knowledge and modernity. The Business in Małopolska Centre – BiMCe in short – creates a beneficial climate for business, undertaking and supporting a range of initiatives boosting entrepreneurship in Małopolska by such projects as the integrated investor service system (one – stop – shop) as well as expanding the region’s largest collection of investment zones and base of local exporters with foreign partners.
Owing to cooperation between the three largest institutions in the region – the Małopolska Regional Development Agency, the Małopolska Provincial Marshal’s Office and the Kraków Technological Park – it has been possible to gather extensive financial resources as well as integrate and coordinate operations to improve importer and exporter service while promoting Małopolska more effectively around the world. Missions, conferences and other forms of economic promotion are organized. Our region is promoted at fairs in China, India, Japan, the United States, around Europe, and also on television by CNN.
Still at the top.

In 2010, according to the Market Economy Research Institute the Małopolska region was Poland’s fourth in a ranking of investment attractiveness – after Upper Silesia, Lower Silesia and Mazovia. This is Małopolska’s best result since 2005, and undoubtedly cause for satisfaction resulting from our staying power at the top of Poland’s provinces. Our region also boasts outstanding results in worldwide rankings: 2nd according to the FT ranking of direct foreign investment strategies in Central and Eastern Europe, while Kraków, the capital of Małopolska, was also at the top of the list for emerging outsourcing locations in the Global Services and Tholons 2010 ranking as well as in the Top 10 Emerging Cities 2011 (UNCTAD) ranking for BPO investment. The office plays host nearly every week to new groups of investors from all over the world interested in locating their business in Małopolska. We are also visited regularly by journalists from Europe and Asia, who have made meetings in Kraków a permanent fixture in their programmes.

Visible effects
In just the last two years Małopolska has become home for a large number of serious investors, international firms locating centres for modern business services alongside IT sector companies, including Amway (USA), Capita (GB), Luxoft (Russia), Akamai (USA),  Infusion (USA), Cisco (USA) and many more. It is especially pleasing that the region is becoming attractive not only for western companies – the East also appreciates the beneficial location in the centre of Europe. Kraków is not only the choice of the Russian IT giant Luxoft. A few weeks ago, a Chinese producer of bottle and food packaging labels, Haoneng Packing Co. Ltd, decided to place its business here.

The Chinese dragon at Wawel
Illochroma Haoneng Poland – the Kraków branch – has signed a leasing contract with the Małopolska Regional Development Agency for production and office space at the MARR Business Park. Modern printing machines will soon be installed, and production is scheduled to begin at the turn of 2011/2012. The Chinese are planning to employ 60 people. Haoneng Packing Co. Ltd is a Chinese company operating since 1984 in the areas of packaging, printing and labelling for food products, primarily beverages and alcohol. Its largest partner is Heineken. Haoneng branches employ over 1000 individuals and serve more then 200 international partners in 30 countries. Preparations for production should take around 2 months. The selection of the MARR Business Park resulted from its excellent location and the facility’s excellent standard. The dynamic growth of the Central and Eastern European market also played a role, which the company’s owners predict will result in the settling of deep roots in Kraków and investment in a stand-alone production facility.

The Business in Małopolska Centre is an important, and it may be said even the key link to the region’s economic promotion, with the solid support of the institutions jointly responsible for its creation. Interest in the project is also growing systematically, among both representatives of the Małopolska business community and foreign investors, who are making increasing use of our support, intermediary services and consulting capacities. They view us as a trustworthy, stable partner. Our activity, designed with such goals as promoting Małopolska, has already become one of the aspects creating the region’s positive image – one that is dynamic, modern and open to innovation.

CEBIM, Oct. 2014

Update: 14|09|2017