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The Business in Małopolska Centre (CeBiM) is a unique initiative in Poland, aimed at improving investor and exporter services and economic promotion of the region.


The Business in Małopolska Centre is comprised of: a regional development institution – the Małopolska Regional Development Agency (joint stock company), local government – the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region, and one of the most important institutions supporting foreign direct investments -  Kraków Technology Park (limited liability company)   see more


We offer:

  • an integrated investor service system (one-stop-shop);
  • a public investment support system; 
  • the largest real estate investment database;
  • a database of export companies and foreign contractors;
  • support for regional exporters based on own funds and EU funds; 
  • coordination of promotional activities of an economic nature; 
  • strengthening the economic image of Małopolska;
  • joint participation in projects financed from EU funds; 
  • support of Public Private Partnership projects.