Małopolska at the fair WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016

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 Małopolska at the fair WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016

From 2 to 4 November in the city of Almaty there was a leading trade fair taking place for the food industry of Kazakhstan - Trade WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016.



They represented an annual economic forum visited by numerous guests from Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region. The theme  of the Fair in 2016 was WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016, and was focused primarily on the food industry and dominated by meat products, dairy products and confectionery.

Visitors to the fair WorldFood Kazakhstan in 2016 couldn't miss Małopolska. Our region is famous for its food in the end!

Moreover, located in our region there is one of the largest production plants of drinks (mineral water, juices, etc) - operating under the name of famous brands, easily recognized by consumers.

And finally statistics, it turns out that in our region in 2015, it was recorded that the largest increase in manufacturing were  in the food and beverages industry.

CeBiM, 14|02|2017