Investors and Exporters Service Centre

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The Network of Investors and Exporters Service Centres (COIE) is a systemic project carried out by the Minister of Economy. The project aims at increasing the level of  internationalization of the Polish companies by facilitating the access of entrepreneurs and their associations to free, high-quality, complex information services that are essential to planning, organizing and starting exporting and/or investing abroad. Another objective is to increase the level of foreign investment in Poland by facilitating the access of potential foreign investors to information on regulations on starting a business in Poland and support instruments for the development of entrepreneurship including investment incentives. The substantive support for COIE will be provided by Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Poland (WPHI), which possess wide and up-to-date knowledge on entry barriers and business conditions in particular foreign markets.
Pro-export services are:

  • Target market identification
  • Finding information on potential business partners in available polish and international databases
  • B2B matchmaking

Pro-biz services are:

  • Delivering economic information on the region to the foreign investors
  • Preparing information about available investment possibilities
  • Promoting regional investment offer