Malopolska, one of the most dynamic regions in Europe

Malopolska, one of the most dynamic regions in Europe

In the ranking of the American think tank Milken Institute of 20 European self-governments, whose economy grew fastest in 2017, Malopolska took 20th place.

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Milken Institute is an independent think-tank based in Santa Monica, California. It deals with issues such as innovation, economy, job creation and health improvement.

Among the best were also 3 other Polish regions: Pomorskie (4th place), Dolnoslaskie (6th place), Wielkopolskie (16th). The ranking criteria include: number of new jobs, increase in wages, concentration of industrial production and concentration of a qualified service sector.
Top 20

  1. Inner London-East, United Kingdom
  2. Stockholm, Sweden
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Pomorskie, Poland (includes Gdańsk)
  5. Nord-Vest, Romania
  6. Dolnoslaskie, Poland (includes Wrocław)
  7. Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  8. Oberbayern, Germany (includes Munich)
  9. Outer London-West and North West, United Kingdom
  10. Yugozapaden, Bulgaria (includes Sofia)
  11. Östra Mellansverige, Sweden
  12. Jihovýchod, Czech Republic
  13. Berlin – Germany
  14. Leicestershire, Rutland i Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
  15. Eastern oraz Midland, Ireland
  16. Bucuresti – Rumunia,
  17. Wielkopolskie – Poland
  18. Derbyshire i Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
  19. Hovedstaden, Denmark (includes Copenhagen)
  20. Malopolskie, Poland (includes Krakow)