Your business in Koszyce

Your business in Koszyce

Koszyce Economic Activity Zone is an area of over 11 hectares, excellently prepared for development and situated in one of the best locations in Małopolska – less than 50 km from Kraków, about 20 km from A-4 motorway, on the north-south communication route.

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The zone offers 8 plots with areas from 0.46 ha to 1.72 ha. Each plot is fully fitted out and ready for development. The zone has an internal road network with car parks for lorries, the area is illuminated and guarded.
Come to Koszyce – the space is limited!

Check the details (PDF)

To get additional information and arrange a visit to Koszyce, do not hesitate to contact Business in Małopolska Centre: Jacek Adamczyk , Tel (48-12) 620 91 45, e-mail:



March 31,2014