The best investors of 2016 awarded by PAIiIZ

The best investors of 2016 awarded by PAIiIZ

The representatives of central and local administration, as well as companies with Polish and foreign capital, on 6 December, came to Warsaw to honor the biggest and most outstanding investors that were supported by PAIiIZ in 2016. The 10th PAIiIZ award ceremony coincides with the end of a very successful year for Poland in terms of implementation of the crucial investments and pro-export initiatives.

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2016 has been a very busy year for PAIiIZ. As a result, many significant industrial and business services investment projects crucial for the development of Poland have entered the country. They all were nominated to the PAIiIZ awards for the best investments of the 2016 year. “In 2016, PAIiIZ has acquired investment projects worth €1,3 bn in total that will generate 13,000 new jobs in the country”, said PAIiIZ president Tomasz Pisula during the PAIiIZ Awards Gala.

According to Tomasz Pisula, PAIiIZ president 2016 was a good year for both: PAIiIZ and investors supported by the Agency

This year, the rivalry for the tile of The Biggest Investment in Terms of the Value was very intense. Among nominees there were: Tanne, a Polish producer of wood-based panels; manufacturer of aircraft's engine accessories Safran Transmission Systems Poland as well as two companies that invested over €1 bn in Poland this year: LG Chem Wrocław Energy and Mercedes-Benz. The award went to the last one, and was received by president of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Polska, Andreas Schenkel from deputy minister of economic development Tadeusz Kościński.

The former nominees, Tanne and LG Chem, were also nominated in the next category: The Investment with the Biggest Number of New Jobs. So were the automotive producer Borgers Polska Sp. z o.o. and CH2M Polska that was the only one in this group that implemented a BSS project in Poland, in 2016. The creation of 800 new jobs made  CH2M the winner in this category. This America-based company chose Kraków as the location of its new Global Design Production Center and Share Service Centre.

The Plan for Responsible Development established by Polish government identifies innovative projects as crucial for the development of the national economy. So does PAIiIZ, awarding the most outstanding investors regarding high-tech. This year, the award went to LG Chem Wrocław Energy. The diploma and statuette was received by the company’s president Soon Cheol Choi from deputy minister of economic development Jadwiga Emilewicz. Headquartered in Seoul, the company has responded to the growing global demand for electric cars and decided to build a factory of  battery storage systems and other components for the cars of the future in Poland. Korean investors will employ 730 people there. The LG Chem main rival in this category was Red Embedded Cosulting, a British investor that runs the R&D project for the broad casting clients.

Since few years, PAIiIZ has been increasingly involved in the support for Polish exporters and investors that are looking for new business opportunities abroad. According to the Agency experts, two Polish foreign investors deserved a special prize for their activity in foreign markets. Those are: Gamedesire and Eskom IT. Both of them operate in the IT sectors and decided to invest in London. However, Eskom IT occurred to be the best in this category and was awarded for outstanding dynamics of foreign expansion. This Polish company has opened a branch in the capital city of UK to provide professional IT outsourcing, implement dedicated IT solutions in the scope of infrastructure and IT safety. During the Gala another Polish company was honored. The award went to Goshico, a Polish producer of unique bags. Since few years, Goshico’s fashion pieces have been presented all over Europe during “Designed in Poland” exhibition arranged by PAIiIZ. Last November, Goshico won the last edition of the exhibition in Bucharest.

                                                               Winners of PAIiIZ Awards in 2016

Every year, during the gala ceremony, PAIiIZ give Special Achievement Awards. In 2016,  they went to 3M and ProProgressio. 3M received a Special Lifetime Achievement Award. The American company has been operating in Poland for 25 years. Now, it hires 2,900 people in few Polish factories, including the one in Wrocław that is 3M biggest production centre worldwide. The award as given by deputy minister Adam Hamryszczak and went to M3 Managing Director in Poland, Sebastian Araya.

The second Special Achievement Award went to the president of Fundacja ProProgressio, Wiktor Doktór for a long-term promotion of BSS sector in Poland and Poland as a perfect destination for business service sector investments that dominate in PAIiIZ FDI portfolio.

Source: PAIiIZ