Network Operations Center - Cisco opens its third Center in Krakow

Network Operations Center - Cisco opens its third Center in Krakow

Cisco company has been operating in Krakow for a few years and recently it has extended its office space by opening the Network Operations Center (NOC). Krakow is the third global location where Cisco decided to operate its Center.

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The NOC monitors the condition of customer networks and infrastructure and responds to any detected problems. Customers of the Center include telecom operators, financial institutions, insurance companies and consumer goods businesses.

Other two Cisco Global Services Centers are located in the USA and India. These remote Centers, situated in different time zones ensure that customer service is available 24h/day. The NOC provides its services to the European and global telecoms, financial and insurance institutions and consumer goods companies, operating mostly on a global scale.

Krakow Center provides technical and business support for customers, partners and employees of Cisco, including Consulting and Technical Services, Cloud and Managed Services, Global Business Services, Financial and IT services. It already has become the most important service center in the network of similar facilities. Krakow office started its operation with 80 employees. It was expected that the number of employees would increase threefold within 2-3 years, but only after one year their number reached 300. Today, three offices employ more than 500 people.

Olivier Kohler, the Chief Administration Officer and Vice President of Cisco Global Business Services, believes that "Cisco Global Services Center in Krakow plays a key role in our strategy to serve customers, partners and employees in EMEAR region (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) and beyond. The Krakow team exceeded our expectations in terms of staff competences, ability to attract the best employees and quality of provided services. By expanding the Center in Krakow and adding new functionalities, we can create new jobs for engineers and business experts, while contributing to the development of knowledge-based economy in Poland".

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