Małopolska, the second Polish region on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Małopolska, the second Polish region on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Since 6 July 2018, the bonds of the Małopolskie Voivodeship have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Thus, Małopolska made its debut on the Catalyst market, becoming the second region in the country which decided to do so.

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Małopolska is a solid and reliable economic partner, which is confirmed by the high rating recently given to Małopolska by Fitch. In its strategic policy, Małopolska tries to make full use of its huge potential and social capital. The aim is to identify and develop 7 smart specialisations of the region.
Malopolska regularly monitors its financial situation, and the related rationalisation of expenditure prepares the region well for possible negative economic changes. At the same time, Małopolska has a budget strongly focused on investment activities. As a result, the region is developing at an intensive pace and has a constant GDP growth and the lowest unemployment rate in years.
Małopolska has planned to issue bonds in the total amount of PLN 184 million this year, which, with last year's pool of PLN 30 million, gives the amount of PLN 214 million. Depending on the series, bonds will be redeemed at their nominal value in 2023-2031.

source: CeBIM