Małopolska, one of three Polish regions with an increase in population by 2035

Apart from Mazovia and Pomerania, Małopolska will not experience a decline in the population by 2035, which will unfortunately affect other Polish regions to a greater or lesser extent.

According to demographic forecasts prepared by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) by 2035, the population of Poland will decrease to 36 million people. This represents a 6.3% decrease in relation to the current population. Importantly, this decrease will affect individual regions to a different degree. According to the forecast of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) by 2035 population growth will be recorded only in case of three regions: Mazowieckie (increase by 4.3%), Pomorskie (increase by 1.0%) and Małopolskie (increase by 0.6%).

Source: Export Promotion Portal