Małopolska and Kraków in the world rankings.

Economic promotion of the region includes constant monitoring of public opinion about the local investment potential and perception of the local offer by investors and influential analytical centres. Information gathered from these areas, helps us to determine global competitiveness of our region/city and indicates features associated with it, facilitating the process of creating its positive image.

We are directly and indirectly involved in creating "Business in Małopolska" brand. Below you will find selected results of our activities:

•   8th place in Tholons Services Globalization City Index 2017 (one place up than 2016) (http://msp.krakow.pl/informacje_na_temat_dzialan_i_projektow_umk/211453,1643,komunikat,krakow_poprawil_miejsce_w_rankingu_lokalizacji_dla_outsourcingu_.html polish version)

•   The AGH University of Science and Technology has the best engineering study programmes in Poland at the fields of study of Technical Physics, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering in The Ranking of Engineering Studies 2017 made by The Perspektywy Education Foundation (http://www.agh.edu.pl/en/info/article/agh-ust-fields-of-study-among-best-in-new-ranking-of-engineering-studies/ english version)

•   2nd place of Małopolska of in Millenium Indeks 2017 - Innovative potential of regions (made by Millenium Bank http://www.portalsamorzadowy.pl/komunikacja-spoleczna/malopolskie-mazowieckie-dolnoslaskie-i-pomorskie-z-najwiekszym-potencjalem-innowacyjnosci-w-polsce,93332.html - polish version)

•  Krakow enjoys the best reputation among all voivodeship cities in Poland - according to the Premium Brand 2017 ranking (http://krakow.wyborcza.pl/krakow/7,44425,22101250,krakow-z-najlepsza-reputacja-w-polsce.html polish version)

•    2nd place among Eastern European regions in terms of the strategy to attract investments "Cities and Regions of the Future 2014/2015", fDi Intelligence (The Financial Times),

•    10th place  of Małopolska (the only Polish region) among  all European regions of average size, in terms of the strategy to attract businesses. "Cities and Regions of the Future 2014/2015", fDi Intelligence (The Financial Times),

•    5th place of Małopolska among the most attractive regions for investing in Eastern Europe, "Cities and Regions of the Future 2014/2015" fDi Intelligence (The Financial Times),

•    2nd place of Kraków Special Economic Zone in terms of the number of companies and declared capital expenditures, (2014 ranking of Rzeczpospolita daily)

CeBiM: 6.11.2014
Update: 4.07.2017, 17.07.2017, 28.07.2017