KTP enjoys a record-breaking year

KTP enjoys a record-breaking year

In 2013, the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) issued 32 permits for operation in the special economic zone. Jointly, the companies admitted to the zone the KTP administers will invest PLN 646,678,606 and open 1287 new jobs.

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On 30th December, the board of the KTP presented another five permits to companies who can now operate in the Zator subzone.

Pawbol sp. z o.o., producer of electric installation accessories and reseller of electric products of other Polish producers, will invest PLN 23 million and open 40 new jobs. PAWBOL-LOGISTYKA Łuczak-Kudzia sp. j. is a logistics operator providing transport and forwarding services in Europe. The company will invest PLN 1.8 million and employ five more people.

Another permit was presented to Plastmot sp. j., producing injection moulded plastic elements for the automotive and gardening industries. The company declared an outlay of PLN 6,000,000 and eight new jobs.

Suneko Polska will invest the round sum of 2 million zloty and set up 10 new positions. The company produces metal components and semis for household appliances, automotive and electronic sectors.

The permit presented to Ekowafel M. Łysoń, M. Wnętrzak sp. j., operating in the confectionery market, is already the second one the company receives this year. It will invest PLN 5 million and offer five new jobs.

More permits will follow early in 2014.