Investments in Poland are the most attractive in the region, according to the Ernst & Young report

Investments in Poland are the most attractive in the region, according to the Ernst & Young report

According to the “European Attractiveness Survey” report prepared by E&Y foreign investors still perceive Poland as the most attractive place for localizing new projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

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In the 12th edition of the report E&Y calculated that Poland comes third on the continent as regards the number of jobs created thanks to direct foreign investments.

As regards the investment attractiveness in our part of Europe, Czech Republic and Romania came behind us. Poland, as the most attractive location for new projects, was indicated by 31% of the respondents, while Czech Republic – by 11% and Romania – by 9%.

In Western Europe, Germany received the highest grade – it is the most attractive country according to 40% of the respondents. The British (22%) and the French (11%) followed Germany.

In the assessments the respondents considered the image, the trust level, the perception of the country and the country's ability to ensure favourable conditions for the development of direct foreign investments. As the E&Y experts emphasize, in 2013 Poland attracted 107 new investments, which placed us on the tenth place in Europe. As regards the number of new projects, a drop was registered from the seventh place. As regards the newly created jobs, we maintained the third place on the Old Continent, just behind United Kingdom and France. In 2013, direct foreign investments gave employment to 13,862 people, i.e. by 6% more than in the previous year. The authors of the report note that at the time the investors located their labour-intensive projects in Poland, the overall employment due to direct investments in Europe dropped by 2%.

E&Y indicates that Poland attracted the biggest investment projects, second to Serbia. On average, one foreign investment in our country created 130 jobs. It is the best result in the European Union and second in Europe (after Serbia – over 190 jobs per project). In total, over half of the investments pertained to industrial projects, mainly in the automotive and plastics sectors.

In 2013 Europe attracted the highest number of new foreign investments in the 12-year-long history of the “European Attractiveness Survey”. Despite the fact that the Old Continent only started on the path to development, the number of new projects was 3,955, i.e. by 4% more than in 2012. In turn, the value of direct foreign investments was as much as by one fourth higher than in 2012 and reached 223 billion EUR in total” reads the report.

The analysts calculated that the number of new jobs created by foreign investors decreased for the first time in 4 years. The largest beneficiaries of direct foreign investments are the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The position of the largest investor in Europe still belongs to the United States, yet the number of projects from the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries is growing. The part of the survey pertaining to the investors' perceptions of individual areas of the world it follows that Western Europe (45% of the respondents) outdistanced China in the attractiveness ranking (44%) for the first time in years. From the 2012 low, the ratings of the West grew by 12 percentage points. Third location was occupied by North America (31%), followed by Central and Eastern Europe (29%). The E&Y survey, encompassing over 800 decision-makers from international companies, took place at the turn of January and February 2014.

May 30, 2014