Farming revolution…in the heart of Kraków

Farming revolution…in the heart of Kraków

Urbanika Farms is pioneering a farming revolution…in the heart of Kraków. 

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Lack of space and harsh environmental conditions often translate into limited farming opportunities, but a Krakow-based start-up Urbanika Farms is tackling those problems with an innovative farming method allowing plants to grow indoors by means of hydroponic agriculture in a water solution, enriched with the necessary nutrients and powered by specially-developed LED lights. By controlling all the parameters of the growing environment, including temperature, humidity and nutrients’ concentration, Urbanika Farms is able to cultivate any kind of plants, including those that would not survive in the natural environment.

“There are several real benefits to this method”, says Michael Kotow, a co-founder. “By growing locally, just a few kilometers away from customers, we cut down on the carbon footprint, as most of the greens today are imported from countries thousands of kilometers away. Also, by producing locally grown leafy greens, we achieve superior quality and a level of freshness, unmatched by traditional farms and greenhouses. We don’t use pesticides or other harmful chemicals in our production and our growing methods are fully transparent. Also, our farm is very resource friendly. For example it uses 95% less water than a traditional farm”.

While the Polish market is only warming up to the new phenomenon, places like London, New York, Singapore and Shanghai, are all embracing the new farming method as consumers increasingly demand locally-grown and fresh food.

“Automation and AI play an important role in developing an efficient model for urban farming”, says Maxim Telish, a co-founder. “Vertical farming is a data-driven business and we rely on collecting extensive data on all the growing parameters, which will allow us to further improve our recipes – the optimal growing parameters for the plants we grow”. 

“As weather becomes increasingly unpredictable, Earth’s population grows and cities become overcrowded, countries start to take food security very seriously”, adds Michael Kotow. “Any disruption in food deliveries in countries, which reply mostly on food import to feed their inhabitants, obviously becomes a real threat to their national security. We believe, and in fact it has been proven, that indoors, vertical farms are able to solve this”.

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CeBiM, 14|02|2017