Certification of Regional Investor Service Centres

“It has been a very successful year for investment. Vast number of investments in PAIiIZ portfolio  have been also serviced by you, ladies and gentleman”,  said PAIiIZ president Tomasz Pisula to representatives of local authorities and Investor Service Centres officers from all over Poland that came to PAIiIZ.

During the meeting Jan Dziedziczak, deputy minister of foreign affairs talk about the role of local administration in creating the image of Poland abroad. “Investor entering the region is a win-win case. All can benefit from it: citizens, local administration and the image of the community”, Dziedziczak argued.

Regional Investor Service Centres that went through certification process (photo: PAIiIZ)

The meeting was arranged to complete the certification process of the Regional Investor Service Centres (COI) by PAIiIZ. Every three years, the Agency assesses the standards of providing information and  support of investors in every province of Poland. The certification process is Pided to three-steps. The first one is the evaluation of managing the investment sites and other bases in the region. Then, a study visit is arranged to the region to evaluate the technical aspects of the investment service process. Next, the work of Regional Investor Service Centres is assessed. PAIiIZ experts check how local authorities present and promote their offer in English. This year Opolskie and Zachodniopomorskie got the highest scores. The second were Lubuskie, Dolnośląskie and Pomorskie, while Podkarpackie and Ślaskie were the third best.

PAIiIZ also awarded Regional Investor Service Centres and communities for providing the best web-sites dedicated for investors. And again Opolskie occurred to be the best. The second award went to Lubelskie Investor Service Centre and the third to Zachodniopomorskie as well as to Podlaskie. The best web-sited providers among communities are: Rawicz, Racibórz, Lubsko i Brześć Kujawski.

Source: PAIiIZ