Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting 2013 in Kraków

Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting 2013 in Kraków

“How much State in economy?”

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 Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting (ABiMM) has already developed its tradition. The conference has been held since 2009 and has become an opportunity for entrepreneurs, politicians, and local and regional authorities to meet and talk about their previous experienced, problems, and approaching challenges. The event will be held for the fifth time on 21st November 2013 at the Stara Zajezdnia (Old Tram Depot) in Kraków. The meeting will also include the Małopolska Business Award Gala.


The central theme of this year’s conference held during the ABiMM will be an attempt at a reflection on trends in global economy. State governments have made an array of decisions in the face of the crisis. Some have opted for debt reduction, expenditure cutting, and strengthening fiscal discipline which entailed limitations of the welfare state. Others would plunge their countries in debt and print money, afraid of dampening the internal demand. The public space is rife with dispute concerning the borders of liberalism. Some have prophesied the end of capitalism and called for nationalisation of entire sectors, demanding social economy. Others believed that stable economic growth can be guaranteed only by full economic liberty, limitation of the role of the state to the necessary minimum, and fight against etatism.

During this year’s Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting conference, we would like to reflect on the Polish choices made in the recent years and ask questions about the future of our economy in the context of the current trends in global economics. The question about the amount of liberalism and amount of etatism in economy still remains valid.

The conference will include three talks moderated by journalists: Adam Szostkiewicz, (Polityka weekly) and Janusz Majcherek. We invited experts in economy, public life commentators, and representatives of the world business to the discussion. Our guests will take a look at the Polish reality from a broader perspective: not only economic but also social, community, historical, and political.
In the previous years, ABiMM was graced by the presence of former presidents of Poland Lech Wałęsa and Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Nobel Prize winner in economics Professor Edward C. Prescott, Professor Piotr Sztompka, Members of the Polish Parliament and Members of European Parliament, representatives of foreign businesses operating in Małopolska, regional authorities, and representatives of regional and national media.

source: KTP