Agreements on developing economic areas along Expressway S7.

Agreements on developing economic areas along Expressway S7.

Five Polish provinces and five special economic zones signed agreements on developing economic areas along Expressway S7. The development of this area will create new jobs. Individual regions and consequently the country's economy will benefit from these agreements.

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Kielce hosted the representatives of local governments, entrepreneurs, provincial governors and politicians from the five Polish regions that need S7 completed in order to activate business operations in their communities. As announced during the Conference entitled "S7. Seven challenges. Million opportunities." more than 1,600 hectares of potential investment areas have been identified in the immediate vicinity of the expressway. The managing bodies of the 5 economic zones, which initiated the conference, decided to think ahead and start preparations for obtaining the status of Special Economic Zone for this area, including site infrastructure and zone planning. This will bring benefits for businesses and for people in towns and villages who will get a chance for a good job.
Janusz Piechocinski, Deputy Prime Minister, who was present at the conference, joyfully welcomed this initiative. During his speech he underlined that this initiative was an example of modern thinking about the development of the Polish economy, based on the collaboration of various environments and community approach to solving problems.
The initiative of the zones was also very well received by the Marshals of the provinces. The following provinces: Malopolskie, Swietokrzyskie, Mazowieckie, Warminsko–Mazurskie and Pomorskie, signed a letter of intent, which indicated among others that the cooperation between them will promote and support initiatives aimed at economic development of local governments along Expressway S7.
The new project creates many challenges for the management companies: starting from the preparation of a joint investment offer, through promotion and co-operation and ending on lobbying for changes in the law. Conference "S7. Seven challenges. Million opportunities." initiated these activities. Agreements signed during the conference by the economic zones and the provinces aim at building a coalition and facilitating future cooperation.

Conference "S7. Seven challenges. Million opportunities." was held on 06.26.2015 at the Congress Centre of Targi Kielce.

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