5 years of BIM Center

5 years of BIM Center

Economic promotion of the region, strengthening the competitive position in comparison with the growing expectations of the investors, effective territorial marketing – they all require a consistent, universal and clear message. Those principles became the foundations, on which the Business in Małopolska Centre was established – a partnership between the major institutions responsible for the development of regional economy, developing regional brands, which has been providing services to the investors and exporting companies for many years.

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Małopolska Region. Małopolska Regional Development Agency, Kraków Technology Park and Małopolska Industrial Parks belong to the most important regional organisations that provide information about the local economic potential, provide support to external investors as well as create and use the export support systems for the Małopolska enterprises. Each organisation has its specific experiences, methods and competences – yet for an investor, it became most important to obtain extensive and reliable information in one place, in cooperation with an expert-counsellor, with mutual respect for time and joint seeking of best solutions. In December 2009, it was decided that Business in Małopolska Centre shall be established, , but  the coooperation began one year earlier – with realization of the common project entitled “Invest in Małopolska” .

In practice, it looks as follows: an e-mail is sent to a e-mail address of CeBiM or of one of the members of the Centre with an inquiry concerning information pertaining to regional economy. The inquiry is sent from USA, Japan, China or, for example, Mexico. It pertains to renting premises in the city, electric energy fees, EU subsidies, prices of real estate or costs of employing a worker. The inquiry might pertain to anything that is connected with running business activity and more. Potential managers of new projects ask about English kindergartens and schools, living costs, ticket prices, duration of journeys from A to B. Information is received from PAIIZ, WPHI or results from one of the many informational campaigns that were conducted by CeBiM all over the world.

And so the preparation of an “investment offer” begins: KTP employees prepare selected real estates located in the Special Economic Zone, MARR S.A. prepares studies pertaining to regional data as well as specific compilations and analyses expected by the investor; the Economic Development Department of the Marshall's Office analyses the scope of public assistance and available EU funds, plans of public investments in the given area... all of this over a hundred times in a year. Sometimes the contact is maintained, a foreign delegation arrives, we meet in conference rooms, we go on site to see the premises, the facility, the offices for rent. Sometimes our respondent goes silent for a few months. A few times a year we prepare a note about a new economic undertaking in Małopolska. At best, we meet at the Investment Forum in Tarnów or during the Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting gala. It means that the investor chose Małopolska...

Business in Małopolska Centre, ever since its beginnings, became an initiator of new projects performed using the EU funds – “Business in Małopolska”, “Małopolska Export Offer”, “Investing in your Future” or “Grow with us”. Thanks to that, the logo of the region appeared at the conferences and fairs in the USA (Bio Convention), in India (NASSCOM), in China, South Korea, Israel, in Iraqi Kurdistan, in the majority of Western Europe's countries, in Russia and in the Ukraine. The EU funds allowed us to prepare sectoral reports on the Małopolska economy and a sort-of guide for an investor “How to do business in Małopolska” – these are “bestsellers” of the CeBiM website, which has been visited by about 3.2 million interested people until now. We have invited the regional entrepreneurs to seminars organized within the “Małopolska Export Horizon”, “How big can we grow?”, to joint participation in the fairs of new technologies or life science.

Ever since the Business in Małopolska Centre was established, the office at the Kraków Technology Park became and almost obligatory meeting place for foreign visitors. Each year we host e.g. students from Austria and USA, local government representatives from the Ukraine and Azerbaijan, TV crews from China or Congo, managers from economic zones from Korea and Spain, scientists from Hungary and the United Kingdom, representatives of commercial chambers from Norway and Italy, journalists from Russia and Belgium, diplomats from France and Cyprus. Thanks to that, our tiny calling cards with a navy-blue “Małopolska” inscription found their way to databases all over the world, intended to meet our goal: to create a regional economic brand, equal to the strongest ones – both in Europe and all over the world.

Our current challenges include projects, activities and priorities connected with the performance of the EU budget for Poland and Małopolska for 2014-2020. We would like to develop the system for supporting direct investments – both foreign and local, to help in launching export expansion, to participate in creating a modern investment offers, e.g. within business activity zones, to strengthen the presence of Małopolska on the international market of the most attractive locations for new industrial, R&D and infrastructural projects.

Soon, we will open the first “economic representative offices of Małopolska” in Russia (Kaliningrad), in Latvia (Riga) and in the Ukraine (Lviv). This is the main action under the “Business in Małopolska – Partnership Network” project. We are planning new undertakings promoting the Małopolska business brand and expanding our offer of services to companies from our region. And in the meantime – we are looking for a facility for a producer of spare parts for vehicles, area for solar power plants, an office for a new laboratory, a partner for a foreign producer of agrifood products... This is our daily life and realistic plans. Five years have passed very quickly; the next five years will pass just as fast – during which we would like to play an active part in strengthening the position of Małopolska in Europe and in the entire world – tomorrow is today, but a little later...